Capturing attention

Recent Work

Bespoke revenue driving websites and apps that extend the online capabilities of the businesses I’ve worked with.

Cheshire Joint Injections

January 2024


A redesigned website with a mobile optimised and easy to use assessment form. The custom form auto-saves so customers don’t lose their progress if they leave the page. Google Lighthouse gives excellent performance, SEO and accessibility scores.

Website design and development complete with mockups, hosting, content transfer and handover.

Custom and user-friendly assessment form streamlining the signup process with instant notifications.

Easy to update, performant and search engine optimised. With Google analytics, ads and tag manager all setup.

Altius Healthcare

July 2023


Altius Healthcare work with some of the world’s leading sports brands and deliver over 1500 physiotherapy appointments per month across 6 locations. The clinic now receives more enquiries thanks to a modern and user-friendly site that highlights their extensive physiotherapy, corporate, and retreat offerings.

Redesigned and developed the site to better reflect the quality of Altius’ services to drive more enquiries.

Easy to update pages and seamlessly integrated blogs showing on related service pages.

Beautiful customisable landing pages showcasing the corporate and retreats offerings.

Appliance World – Delivery and collections web app

September 2023

Web app

Saving hours of staff admin time per day, this app gives customers the option to choose their delivery or collection date at checkout. The app logic verifies the stock availability, cross references the user’s postcode against deliveries in that region and returns the next available dates in fractions of a second.

Frictionless interface directly embedded into the checkout flow. Provides sub 200ms delivery dates to end-users.

Responsive authenticated staff dashboard for viewing orders, editing delivery zones and amending dates should routes change.

Provides Insights into the most popular postcode searches to highlight opportunities e.g are people searching in underserved regions.

Invicta Health and Performance

June 2022


Invicta take a level of physiotherapy service usually reserved for elite athletes and make it available for everyone. Despite being founded in 2022 Invicta already boasts dozens of 5-star reviews for each of their clinics in Sandbach and Holmes Chapel.

Invicta asked for a dark design which was laced with a gold accent from their logo in order to convey the premium service level provided.

Embedded Google reviews and locations emphasising that Invicta is the standout clinic in South Cheshire.

Google business listings with analytics, ads and tag manager setup. Domain setup with business email address.